Curriculum Vitae

Manohar Sitapati's living CV

My Professional Interests

Agile Project Management

I have a big Interest, Passion and Experience with various projects and some of the most helpful concepts I discovered are the methodologies of Agile Project Management.

Organizational Change Management & Corporate Training

Changing organization and management practices from an authoritative to a more collective style is a true vocation for me. This area connects well with Agile Project Management, however it goes much further.

Business Development & Sales

I have experience in Business Development and Sales, especially in the B2B services sector. I like promoting and receiving performance-based compensation for representing a product that I can believe in.

Agile Project Management & Organizational Change

During university I had my first contact with Project Management, and especially with Agile Project Management. I really liked the methodology of SCRUM for its bottom-up approach. My study of SCRUM shows that not only it makes projects deliver more value with a more predictable schedule, but it also allows teams to become autonomous, self-regulating and more productive.

For a company to adopt agile project management may mean adopting some change, not only in how they manage projects, but in how they manage people.

Strict organization and structures are necessary only when people don't know or trust each other. This is why big companies become cluttered with staggering administration and become slow in changing strategy. start-ups don't need strict structures to start with as much as they need a good culture to keep up. Workplaces and work conditions are changing. Shifts are shorter, work is smarter and the happiness of employees is becoming more important. Today's big companies need to start be more enjoyable and agile. Today's start-ups challenge is to keep it so.

Happiness --> Productivity --> Profits

"A company's most important asset is its people, make sure they’re happy and fulfilled and your business will boom. My intention is to make for a happy work environment."

- Manohar Sitapati

How to motivate employees

Why SCRUM / Agile Project Management

My Skills & Expertise

I have many hobbies and passions, from coding to fitness, and I'm proud to be a generalist. I admire and search for jobs and projects that involve critical thinking and creativity.

Business Skills

Project Management

Transition to Agile

Web Development



Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Event Marketing


Cold Calling

Business Strategy

Business Model Analysis
Organizational Change Management

Software Skills



Jira (bug tracking)

Confluence (collaboration)

MS + Libre Office



Hubspot (CRM)


Languages Spoken



/5 Native


/5 Advanced


/5 Advanced


/5 Intermediate


/5 Conversational

Interpersonal Skills



Communication & Conflict Resolution

Research & Presentation

Mapping & Visualizing


My Experiences

Recent Update: After some time working as a Freelancer / Entrepreneur / Web Developer, I realize that I wish to be employed in organization and contribute to the management of resource intensive projects that involve coordinated teamwork.

I have the experience and the hunger to learn to be excellent in positions of: Agile Project Management /SCRUM Master / Organizational Change Management / Business Development / Sales / Business Strategy

Work Experience

Player Support Specialist @PlayStation
Feb. 2018 - present)

Worked for Sykes, the exclusive customer support partner for Sony's PlayStation in Europe.

  • Working in French language to support French speaking players
  • Working with insider access to the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)

Ideator and Lead-developer
Sept. 2016 - Sept. 2017)

Worked for the “The Zeitgeist Movement” 501(c)(3) NPO (non-profit organization in the USA) remotely from Berlin, Germany.

  • Conceptualized, pitched and sold a new network re-design project to the NPO board
  • Worked for one year on a complete redesign, pitched with an agile release schedule
  • Had flexible scope and gave great value in first MVP

Freelance Web Designer
Jun. 2016 - Present)

Specialized in WordPress Custom Designs, active in Berlin, Germany.

  • Worked with dozens of clients both from Berlin and internationally, from the USA.
  • Took care of installing, setting up, structuring and designing content into beautiful web pages

International Publisher Support Manager
Oct. 2015 – Feb. 2016)

Worked in Web Design Integration support for Plista GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

  • Worked translating marketing language requests from international publishers to tech language requests for developers.

Swiss National Council Candidate
Jun. 2011 – Oct. 2011)

Election campaign run for the role of Swiss National Counselor at the Swiss National Council.

  • Participation as member of a Top 5 Swiss political party
  • Result: not elected

Vice President of External Relations
Feb. 2010 – Feb. 2011)

Elected and conducted a team as Vice President of External Relations in AIESEC

Fribourg, Switzerland.

  • Experienced Direct Sales and Professional Networking.
  • Worked with Human Resources Recruitment

Swiss Army Aviation Soldier
Oct. 2007 – Aug. 2008)

Swiss Military service as aviation soldier, role of IFO Chancellery Chief,

Cdmt IFO aviation 82 Payerne.

  • Experienced Military Training and Administration Duty
  • Worked within Human Resources Management

Education & Volunteering

MBA Spec. Entrepreneurship
(Feb. 2013 – Nov. 2014)

Master of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management (MBA Spec. Entrepreneurship), University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

  • Specific education on New Venture Creation, Growth and SME Management
  • Research Thesis conducted on Effectual Entrepreneurship and Financial Bootstrapping

Administration and education voluntary internship
(Oct.2012 – Dec. 2012)

Worked as volunteer in Coletivo da Cidade, an NGO in the city of Estrutural, near Brasilia, in Brazil.

  • Worked in administration and as children educator

BA Management
Sept. 2008 –  Aug. 2012)

Bachelor of Arts in Management, taught in French (BA en Gestion d’Entreprise), University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

  • Research Thesis conducted on the Strategic Potential for Biofuels in Switzerland

IVE Entrepreneurship Workshop
Sept. 2008 – Jan. 2008)

Participation in the workshop : "Ce qu’un jeune entrepreneur doit savoir” (What a young entrepreneur must know), IVE Institute Fribourg, Switzerland.

Secondary School diploma, Spec. Economy and Law
Sept. 2003 – Jun. 2007)

Secondary School Diploma (maturità cantonale) with special focus in « Economics & Law », Liceo Cantonale di Locarno, Switzerland.