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Things to know before deciding to work with me

Who am I looking forward to work with?

Small and Medium Enterprises

You're running a restaurant, a gym, a cloathing shop or any sort of non-tech business, but you still want to have a stronger online presence, without having to invest in getting a fixed IT guy or department.


Your business is going well, and these are a some things you want to implement in the near future:

  • Get a professionally designed website
  • Starting to sell truough an online shop
  • Start to invest in online advertisement
  • Get the right social media presence
  • Start an email marketing campaign
  • Start a content marketing campaign
  • Want to offer an online after-sales support community platform


Aspiring Entrepreneurs or Freelancers

You're an aspiring entrepreneur or freelancer. You already have many talents, but don't want to spend too much energy to learn all about Web Design and Online Marketing. Instead you prefer to focus on your unique talent or value offer to make your business succesful.


You have a good idea of what your special craft is about and you want to get one or more of the following steps done fast, cheap and scalable:

  • Develop your branding
  • Get a professionally designed website
    • Or make your own site with professional code-free tools
  • Start a blog and community around your area of interest
  • Starting to sell through an online shop
  • Get clients and manage bookings online
  • Getting started with online marketing


Social Entrepreneurs, Non-profits, NGO/s

You're engaged in a social enterprise, non-profit organization or NGO and you'd like a hand with your online presence. Or you're planning to engage soon.

Depending on the nature of your of your activity and organization you might want to engage in any of the actions for SMEs and Individual Professionals.

I'd be glad to help, pro-bono, based on my availability. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss how I can best be of help.

Want to find out more about me?

Get to know me more personally in my "About Me" page

What I offer

Web Design

Online Marketing

Business Consulting

Interested in these services?

Then don't hesitate to contact me and we can start working together!

My Tech Skills

About me


I have a formal education in Management and Economics, culminated with my MBA spec. Entrepreneurship.

However I already have years of experience in the areas of Web Design and Online Marketing.

In this section I show you my progress in Tech Skills.



I'm a WordPress power user since June 2012. In this time I learned how to plan, design and mantain advanced WordPress websites, including multisite networks.

This is my area of expertise and I wish to design and develop premium WordPress sites that anyone can manage and benefit from.



I'm currently developping some platforms for managing a websites's content, monitoring the website's performance and optimizing online marketing efforts.

I'm taking existing platforms and services, such as WordPress CMS and converting them into a coherent and easy to use set of tools to empower the online presence of anyone or any organizations.



Although I don't usually work directly on the HTML code of websites I found it really useful to learn about HTML, and HTML5 to make quick in-browser code editing and previewing. With WordPress making most of the heavy lifting with the website structure and back-end, knowing HTML 5 can be useful in managing relevant classes and IDs.



Ever since I started working on WordPress sites I noticed that some styling elements were never just right. This is how I got started with experimenting and eventually learning CSS. I really benefit from the new CSS3 functionalities as they allow for a simple and resource-efficient implementation of animations.

Together we can work out a solution to empower your online presence!

Don't hesitate to contact me, on the platform that you prefer and let's start to discuss a future collaboration.
I'm all for no-bullshit, straight value proposition and fair compensation business. If you agree with keeping things simple, yet effective, I'm your guy!