I hope that with the help of this blog I can contribute to the ongoing paradigm shift that is happening all over the World these days. With the advent of the internet we can finally connect as a united human species. Now it's time to learn to come together and make a better world for all!


3 thoughts on revolution

1) Begin with yourself

"You can't expect the World to change and become better if you're not at your best first. It's about leading by example and being effective!"

Quoting the Dalai Lama: "A genuine change must first come from within the individual, only then can he or she attempt to make a significant contribution to humanity."

Before being able to contribute to other people, society, the World, one must have a deep knowledge of himself/herself and be capable of tapping his/her full potential.

Revolution is not a bad thing. I believe that revolutions are part of evolution. I also believe that sometimes revolution is a necessary responsibility given the capability of certain ideas to bring better outcomes given current situations. First, begin with your own personal revolution, a revolution of the mind.

I believe that true personal (r)evolution comes from developing oneself to peak potential and then expanding one self. Of course having a cohesive and holistic vision is also a very necessary step, but being in control of yourself, knowing and pushing your limits is where it all starts.

2) The new game

"Think of it as a new game for business, economics and all that makes our society function"

Times are changing and the business game is changing. People aren't content anymore with companies that pursue only profit and the competitive game. When a company promises that it will give the best product or service to it's clients it's not sufficient anymore. Everybody can make that claim, and it simply means that profits are key.

The new game in business and economics is about doing things better and for a better reason. It's about wanting to impact the World in a positive way by taking special care of your employees, by allowing them to realize their dreams within your company, and by helping solving a bigger issue. Any business can impact the World positively by re-thinking its products or services to actually serve fundamental needs and do so by completely closing the material circle, as explained by the "Cradle to cradle" movement. Concerning the services sector: companies can open parallel opensource and/or pro-bono activities.

The key is learning about what the "New Game" is and then learning how to start playing that way, because at the end this is where businesses and people will thrive in the long term.

3) The big picture

"Once you get the big picture of how society is set up and how mainstream culture defines it; then you can aim for real impact"

Finally, the vision and mission of people are fundamental for any revolution. However, are you ready to ask yourself where your vision comes from? Would you be ready to expand your horizons and discover your place not only in society, not only on earth, but in the universe?

Seeing the big picture about humanity's history, life's emergence and the universe's formation will help in defining a vision for your life in a grander scheme. For example knowing about the big issues that face humanity nowadays without fear of honest scientific reporting, and then trying to find where you can, personally and professionally, contribute in seriously solving such issue.

Why do that? Because in the bigger scheme of things you can see how even single people or small groups of people are able to create shifts that ripple into the future. Every time you learn more about the big picture, and humanity's striving to become better, you'll add one more piece to the puzzled image that is your life. Hopefully one day you'll be able to see a great picture.

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