I hope that with the help of this blog I can help some people by giving some lifestyle inspiration. No one can really tell which lifestyle is best for you. I never intend to do so myself. Here I'll pubblish some lifestyle triks that I liked myself.


3 thoughts on lifestyle

1) Happiness First

"Happiness comes before achievement, but before happines comes habit"

Happiness is not a destination they say. That's because happiness and well being are the same thing. In fact there are a number of simple habits that can make anyone happier and automatically increase the level of satisfaction in life.

First comes happiness, then come the material and mental rewards that society portraits as happiness-givers. It's important to distinguish from the means to happiness to goals for happiness. Money and relationships are certainly great at providing happiness, but only because they enable certain experiences and states of being that stimulate happiness.

Sadly enough people forget that these experiences and states can often be achieved with much less work and toll that what is believed. In fact intrinsically motivated happiness can be sustainable and life-changing. Once this kind of happiness is grasped, the accomplishment of greater achievements and the attainment of bigger goals possible. How to get to this intrinsic happiness? The first and surest way is to start by taking care of your body and mind with a healthy lifestyle. This will kickstart whatever other change you seek in life.

2) Real Freedom

"Only you can free yourself, then you can help others free themselves"

Freedom is a word that is often abused in politics. What I'm talking about is personal freedom, to the level of assuring oneself to be able to achieve and live the experiences of a lifetime.

Mainly personal freedom is bought with material wealth coupled with conscious consumption. With a certain level of material wealth it is possible to explore the World, live comfortably and have more time to do what you love. Accumulating wealth for the sake of accumulating or for achieving greater status can become a mental disorder. Accumulating wealth for achieving greater degrees of freedom, actually becoming happier and more self-actualized can be a noble pursuit.

This discussion should therefore focus on the role of work, passion and money in achieving happiness. I believe that in order to achieve real personal freedom people should strive for a work aligned with their passion, self-employment, passive income and access to non essential goods instead of ownership.

3) Spend wisely

"We need entertainment and we need to consume, make the most out of it"

I believe that we can and should vote with our money and we can improve ourselves while entertaining ourselves too. There are many great companies and great projects, mostly crowdfunded, that have the potential of greatly impact the World positively. When not doing such projects it's also good to participate in them when you have the need for what they offer.

When searching for a new cellphone, clothing or any other accessory, keep in mind that fairer and environmentally conscious options exist. By buying these you can actively sustain the survival of companies that believe in doing good and spread the message of possibility for those around you.

In the entertainment arena the variety is ever increasing an more movies and TV series emerge that food for thought and great inspiration besides giving great entertainment. At the end personal taste is what really dictates what people find entertaining, but I believe that some TV shows and especially movies are undoubtedly conveyors of great ideas. Ideas about revolution, progress, change, personal development, appreciation, happiness and meaning are only a few of the big ideas that can be inspired from intelligent entertainment.

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