I hope that with the help of this blog I can help some people by giving some entrepreneurship tips. There are many great and capable people out there, people that are succesful and have amazing advice. I'm just starting my journey as an entrepreneur, but I intend to learn and share as much as I can of what I believe makes the most sense, according to my fairly strict principles.


3 thoughts on entrepreneurship

1) Effectuation

"The single most important theory that I learned about in my MBA spec. Entrepreneuship is called:

 - Effectual Entrepreneurship"

There is a new way in which entrepreneurship is developing in the last years. Too many start-ups fail because of the dangerous implicit assumptions that customers will want a certain product or service. And to make things more difficult the focus of entrepreneurs is consumed on getting massive funding by Venture Capitalists. I believe  that start-ups have to be co-created with the maximum possible involvement of stakeholders as well as with a good capacity for autonomous growth. In other worlds I believe that start-ups should be lean and resilient.

2) Culture is everything

"A company's most important asset is its people, make sure their happy and fulfilled and your business will boom"

Strict organization and structures are necessary only when people don't know or trust each other. This is why big companies become cluttered with staggering administration and become slow in changing strategy. Start-ups don't need strict structures to start with as much as they need a good culture to keep up. Workplaces and work conditions are changing. Shifts are shorter, work is smarter and the happiness of employees is becoming more important. Today's start-ups need to be more enjoyable and agile.

3) Purpose & Impact

"People are not happy just working aimlessly during the best time of their lives, people want to be part of something bigger then themselves, something good."

All companies have a mission statement, only some companies actually adhere to their mission and to make things worse only a few actually have a mission that goes beyond getting ahead of the competition. To make it a "noble" mission the triple bottom line is to be considered: profit, people and planet. However this is not enough when it is used as a mere green-washing technique by big companies. Fortunately many start-ups take their missions much more seriously and actually aim at having a positive impact on the world. Nowadays many start-ups go beyond missions statements and make their own manifestos.

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