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Manohar Sitapati

About me

Graduated with an MBA Spec. Entrepreneurship but currently working as freelance web designer.

After some time working as a Freelancer / Entrepreneur / Web Developer, I realize that I wish to be employed in organization and contribute to the management of resource intensive projects that involve coordinated teamwork. I have the experience and the hunger to learn to be excellent in positions of: Agile Project Management / SCRUM Master / Organizational Change Management / Business Development / Sales / Business Strategy. If you can offer such a position, or know of someone that would, contact me HERE.

I am a self-aware and introspective person, I question everything, and I like to look at the big picture. What I really want to do is to have a positive impact on the lifes of people and to contribute in making the World a better place for everyone.

In the past 5-6 years I experienced a true awakening with the help of numerous documentaries and books. I switched from being an apathetic person with no destination in life to being a creative part of the solution to current global issues.

With the help of this website I hope to be of help and connect with like-minded people. To awake our true potential, to live a full life and contribute to a better World through our work.

- Manohar Sitapati